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PSPad offers an easy way to structure also extensive source code.



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A good source code editor, PSPad is simply indispensable for programmers. You can this work in a wide variety of programming languages and structured show you the source code by using colored highlighters.

If you are interested for programming languages, develop your own software or program Web pages, you are assigned like PSPad helpful features a source code editor. PSPad offers you an overwhelmingly rich feature set so that the day-to-day work of programming much easier going by the hand. The tool gives you everything you need to get through highlighting in the text and the automatic detection of certain functions within a programming language to a successful text for your next software project even faster. You should also try PSPad so be sure once!

PSPad is especially suitable for you if you need to switch frequently between different programming languages and are dependent on different color schemes for this. The program automatically detects source code, written in Visual Basic, PHP, SQL, ASP, HTML, C++ or Perl. Create multiple projects with PSPad and switch back and forth between these thanks to the clearly structured user interface. If you want, you can replace frequently recurring work steps in programming with macros and automatically run them in the future. Also, the program offers you also a practical FTP client to upload the file to your server.

The developers of PSPad
PSPad is a totally free for you tool for source code editing. The program is developed by Jan Fiala, who could make a name for himself not only in the German-speaking developer community with its innovative software product in the past.

Description of the version: PSPad

The practical code editor PSPad in the version 4.5.4 can now further simplify you the programming work. So new files can be created now without further confirmation with the key combination SHIFT + CTRL + N. Also improved the highlighting of source code which relates to the MYSQL databases. Still the possibilities are used by PSPad better multimedia keyboards and mice. Now a variety of functions can be placed on the additional keys of these devices.

The new PSPad can be better controlled with hotkeys.

• Creation of new files without dialog
• Improved control via hotkeys
• Extension of the FTP functionality
• New of keywords for highlighting of Perl scripts
• FTP settings from FileZilla 3 import

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