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Using the PRTG Traffic Grapher v7, you get a simple and powerful network monitoring.



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PRTG Traffic Grapher

Through the three available surfaces of PRTG Traffic Grapher v7 is suitable for use in various environments. Both as an application in the Web browser and the Windows GUI or as Apple iPhone app. The PRTG Traffic Grapher v7 you up from anywhere and at any time access the status of your network and all the important information. It is a local or remote SSL access possible, and all surfaces can be used at the same time. The application is deliberately simplistic and can be operated easily in spite of the complex structure and evaluations. During the initial installation of PRTG Traffic Grapher v7 you can come out, too, completely like most other users without the manual.

The network analysis and monitoring by the PRTG Traffic Grapher v7 using so-called sensors. This can SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, sFlow, and packet Snifffing to monitor the bandwidth be. You can use parallel up to 10 sensors with the freeware, only in a larger number of sensors use would be licensed for a fee of PRTG Traffic Grapher v7. And proactive uptime monitoring you can determine in a timely manner, if looming problems in the network and thanks to PRTG Traffic Grapher v7 in a timely manner, rather than to react only in case of problems.

The monitoring can be used in both in LAN, Wan and VPN connections. Special VMWare sensors of PRTG Traffic Grapher v7 allow the analysis and monitoring of virtualized environments. And if you need a monitoring of room temperature or humidity of server rooms, so also with the PRTG Traffic Grapher v7 thats no problem. Flexibly adjustable notifications, you will be notified immediately when problems and can take immediate action. Try the software but just themselves. You can download the PRTG Traffic Grapher v7 directly from our page about the download function and start.

Features of PRTG Traffic Grapher v7:

• Network analysis software
• interactive user guide
• three user interfaces: browser, Windows, iPhone
• Freeware
• for Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
• for server or workstation, 32 - bit or 64-bit

Wallpapers of PRTG Traffic Grapher v7

The network analysis software PRTG Traffic Grapher v7 is a development of the Nuremberg company Paessler AG. Since the Foundation in 1997, the company develops solutions for the monitoring of IT networks with the aim, to develop effective and easy-to-use solutions. Paessler AG products are offered worldwide, and have, been installed including the freeware versions, more than 150,000 times.

Description of the version: PRTG Traffic Grapher

The current version of the software of PRTG Traffic Grapher can come up with some very useful new features that help you to monitor your network. In order to realize this, the software engine has been adjusted so that monitoring the performance and the function can be integrated in large networks. Predefined types of sensors facilitate the logging and monitoring of traffic and performance in your network system.

The most important innovations in the current version of PRTG Traffic Grapher.

• optimized pre-defined sensor types
• Sensor types were verfielfacht
• customized software engine for large networks
• powerful Web user interface
• Before configuring Automatic network detection of system environment

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