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"Proton" is a text-editing program that is effective and manageable overall.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 24.05.2011


You program and want to edit your texts as effectively as possible, quickly and free of charge? You won't want to deal you with difficult instructions? You want to download friends for it but no big files on your computer? Then you should try using the text editor "Proton".

"Proton" is an efficient text editing program with a small file size of 824.7 KByte. You can download it you as freeware for private use direct from the manufacturer Ulli Meybohm. With "Proton", an easy-to-use tool with the main functions available suits you. There is, for example, different bookmarks as order, plug-in the can to extend the functionality of your program, indentation modes to detect and use line breaks in your source code and an unlimited undo and redo function, with which you either undo your steps or restore.

Most erfreulichsten on "Proton" are sure the syntax schemes for more than 30 languages, including C, Java, Delphi, or HTML. This should include annoying errors with the syntax rules for you to the past. The commands to do this are all colored being represented. By the contrasts you not so easily lose the overview and working on the computer is less tiring for the eyes. In addition, the pleasantly light grey held user interface is very simple and clear and uncluttered design. A DOS management programme already built into the software facilitates programming you in addition. Thus you can convert immediately the necessary action rules for your software documents without much effort in the target program you have chosen. If you want to go with "Proton" to start, you need the operating systems Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows 95.

Description of the version: Proton

The version 3.2 of the Texbearbeitungsprogramms "Proton" makes it easy for the user to work effectively in an easy way. You need to not only long to memorize instructions, but can edit your software code and your texts with simple commands. Simply checking the various functions via a clearly arranged command bar. The software is still free of charge, from downright handy file size and must not be installed, double click, you can download it directly from the manufacturer's site.

Many functions are combined in a compact software.

• File size: Slim 824, 7 KB
• Can be used on the operating systems Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows 95
• Integrated DOS operating system
• Many syntax schemes

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