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Promt Professional Russisch Deutsch

PROMT professional Russian German is a translation program for users who either personal or professional texts from Russian would translate into German and back again. PROMT professional Russian German effortlessly translates emails and Web pages. The heart of the programme is the linguistic Editor: two Windows show the text as original and translation. You simply highlight a Word, it is marked at the same time in the other window - so keeping the overview. A spelling and grammar checker is integrated in PROMT professional Russian German and will be carried out on the basis of the current Dudens. So you avoid annoying error and increase the quality of the translation. For hurried, the software translates equal batches and automatically selected files.

PROMT professional Russian German also includes several dictionaries, so that converting medical or legal texts is no more a hurdle. The program is capable of learning - PROMT professional Russian German splits every translated text into blocks and saves them, later to gain access to. So the work becomes even more effective. Advanced users create complete dictionaries even with PROMT professional Russian German. In translating priorities can then be assigned to them, so that you can always control which book is used.

The back-up function by PROMT professional Russian German, archived all settings help to prevent unpleasant surprises. The plug-in the Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, these programs extend the functions of PROMT professional Russian German. Even PDF files can be translated via plug-in-passage-way. A nice addition is the integration ability in common Web browsers and mail clients: here translated PROMT professional Russian German directly into the open window of the program - more comfortable is not. The software can be easily integrated in many chat clients.

The functions of PROMT professional Russian German in the overview:

• good translations through vocabulary of approximately 1,300,000 words
• Integrated Duden testing
• integrated specialized dictionaries provide professional translations
• Able to learn by storing new words
• Plug-in the for all popular browsers and chat programs as well as Microsoft Office and OpenOffice
• The file translators edit texts equal batches in a row away.

Background information on the program:

PROMT professional Russian German designed for users, who are often involved with complex text translations. As a leading manufacturer of translation software has made it the PROMT company to the task, a bit easier to make the overcoming of language barriers, to enable more effective communication worldwide. The success proves the company seemingly right: PROMT professional Russian German section immediately in several journals as test winner.

Description of the version: Promt Professional Russisch Deutsch

With the new version of the translation PROMT you professional Russian German 9.0 even easier and faster words, sentences and whole texts to translate. This version of the popular software gives you even more keywords (more than 1.2 million words and phrases) and a streamlined user interface. The new version of PROMT professional for the Russian and German languages is suitable for the Windows operating systems 2000, XP and Vista.

The program of Russian German PROMT Professional 9.0 shortly:

• quick translation from German into Russian and vice versa
• more than 1.2 million words and phrases
• colour marks for clarity
• compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista

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