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Process Explorer is a useful Windows tool, which is designed for the process structure.



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Process Explorer

Wenns times again longer, you need to start most of the time the Task Manager and choose the tap should be turned off which application. Process Explorer offers much more possibilities than the obligatory Windows application.

The Windows Explorer and task manager form two important instruments, if you can keep your computer under control. But with process Explorer, you can practically combine the functions or applications of both tools and very fine structure thanks to the many setting possibilities, so that your computer becomes the optimum performance. Process Explorer shows you a detailed list of all just loading files and DLLs. In addition it allocates these according to assigned priority, so if the charging process is over or subordinate expires. You can change these priorities in the process Explorer as needed, so that your computer can concentrate on the most important processes. It is also possible to cancel the processes immediately, if all else fails or you accidentally launched a useless operation.

If you have problems with the compatibility or storing files and processes, then the tool provides greater assistance than the Windows Task Manager you. With process Explorer, you get the annoying objectors to the bottom and can change easy and convenient settings to not needlessly wasted the resources of your computer. Apart from these functions offers the useful Windows tool some other innovations and setting options, which together provide a powerful tool against the turmoil of the process structure in a program. Simply download process Explorer and discover new and quite usable control of Windows applets available for download free of charge.

Description of the version: Process Explorer

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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