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There used a push button that is becoming more and more redundant on any keyboard. Practical screenshot tools such as PrintScreen, which offers many more functions and features of the copying of the desktops, which are very useful in many places are to blame for this.

One is frequently asked question in Internet forums, as you actually shoot the screen content can, without the screen on the transparent reading area of the color scanner. This is usually not necessary, because almost every keyboard has a "print" button and on the Internet you will find many powerful screenshot tools that can copy the screen contents as an image file to the Clipboard. A particularly powerful tool with high functionality is PrintScreen, with which you can capture not only the contents of the screen.

PrintScreen offers numerous setting options with which you can customize the print task. For example, can you copy the entire contents of the screen not just as usual, but selectively only individual open program Windows scan. The photo area is individually simply expand with the mouse, or decrease if you do not want that all areas are on the screen.

You can continue to freely choose the output format in PrintScreen or specify a scale, so that the image is not too large, if you want to paste it into an image editing program. Scales are possible as well as with the shades of grey, image quality and in other areas. Just as you can insert a watermark, so you can have a copy protection. The output can also automate: whether you send the image directly to an E-mail program or the printer would let you totally are free. If you want a picture editing program opens immediately after the copy of the screen, so that you can now edit the image.

Description of the version: PrintScreen

The latest version 4.6 of the PrintScreen of screenshot tools gives you some options and features that you had to miss in previous versions. Among them are new ways to automatically edit the pictures immediately after the copy operation. The images that you photograph from, can be more individual. Also the errors and bugs were removed as far as possible from previous versions, so that is possible to a liquid and crash-free work with the free tool.

The most important innovations of PrintScreen version 4.6

• Runs on Windows 7
• Still more ways to make the images
• More features, more comprehensive program structure
• Fixed errors and bugs of previous versions

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