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Prime95 is a very handy tool for testing the stability especially when Übertaktungsversuchen.



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If you want to test the machine through its paces, includes also a meaningful stability test. With Prime95, you may put the CPU and the memory to its limits, so check whether the PC under load is working stable.

The search for primes is a terribly boring process itself. Anyway, corresponding tasks not loosen up teaching mathematics - a computer does this monotone sums but much faster and more reliable. Prime95 is originally developed for just this purpose, to search for primes. Practically however: Prime95 uses almost by the way completely processor and memory and so ensures an extreme load scenario that drives every PC and every processor cooling system at its limits.

It happens not infrequently, that a heavily overclocked computer dutifully carried out his service in the winter and has to fight regularly with crashes in the summer. And also a new game ensures that unwelcome bluescreens. Basic can be either a bedinge through the summertime overheating of the computer be or even a weak power supply that doesn't get along with full load. To make these problems in advance out of the way and not only when it is too late, an intensive test with Prime95 is after the Übertaktungsversuch. This should open a separate instance of the benchmark tool per processing core, Prime95 can keep only one CPU core. Prime 95 preferably several hours running tests emits error messages, your computer not stable and the overclocking something should be shut down. Your computer network stability of part of is to be tested, it is, to put additional GPU under load, for example, with the FurMark. By the way, you should keep but also the temperatures of the computer in sight, modern CPUs cycles namely in high temperatures only once down, leaving not just crash the PC.

Description of the version: Prime95

Prime95 reliably and completely overloaded the processor on your computer. By the way, also a large amount of memory is required and tested. For stability tests according to the overclocking longer passages with Prime95, so offered. And the cooling system of your computer can be so tested, since the CPU works with full load and generates much heat. The current version of v26. 6 of Prime95 was also adapted for the architectures of the latest CPUs and works faster and fully overloaded also cutting-edge processors.

Prime95 v26. 6 - full load of CPU and RAM

• Optimized code to utilize latest CPU architectures
• Faster floating-point calculations
• Run noticeably faster tests
• Improved support for Hyper-Threading
• Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS

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