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  • Windows 4.2.5

PreisHai is a free program that simplifies the search for eBay bargains.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 24.05.2011


The freeware PreisHai helps you to get the latest bargains on eBay. The software assumes the crawl of database for you and look out for you so quickly and systematically deals.

The free program PreisHai, you can quickly and accurately search for offers on eBay and find. The intelligent software can involve also typos and spelling errors in the search, which may be accidentally entered the seller. You can find so in time also these offers, which would probably miss out a manual search, thanks to PreisHai, to make a bid.

You can configure the search according to your ideas and adapt to your needs. For example you can search for the desired term not only in the title and the description of the offer, but also in the subtitle. In addition, you can set PreisHai to search for a range in which price range and whether at this price the shipping should be already included. You can also specifically search the program offers free shipping. In addition, you can restrict your search to typo search, discount search and night searches. PreisHai also allows limited search for properties such as the number of bids, sellers, condition and type of auction. Furthermore you can selectively display the offers by country, postal code, or end of auction. The results can also according to payment options like PayPal or now & new are sorted. The program allows you also create a shopping list from the detected services and with a double-click on an offer you land immediately on the eBay page, where you can bid on your offer as usual.

PreisHai is a great help when bargain hunting for regular eBay buyer. You can download it quickly and easily.

Description of the version: PreisHai

The current version of the eBay bargain Hunter PreisHai is available in addition to the old Windows versions now also for Windows 7 operating system. Fixed the problem of maturity. In the current version the remainder no longer with one hour shows delay you. And also the summertime is now recognized thanks to troubleshooting properly. In addition are now also postal codes that start with a "0", accepted by PreisHai. And also the typo search among PreisHai 4.2.5 as a feature.

Features and bug fixes from PreisHai 4.2.5

• Available for Windows 7 operating system
• Correct display of remaining time
• Correctly detect of daylight saving time
Postal codes beginning with "0" are accepted •
• Account Search typo

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