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PowerStrip has a solution for almost every problem that has to do with your monitor.



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Do you think that your monitor settings a little comic effect? With PowerStrip, you can put your ad back in the right light and adjust everything from color brightness to contrast values.

To your PC a little to beef up or clean up, there are tools like sand on the sea. Special, focusing on one or a set of components in your PC, not so common there. If you are looking for even a good, the selection is scarce. PowerStrip is one of those good programs. While the little helper is focused on, helping you to pimp your graphics card with simple means and to fit your screen.

Star you test PowerStrip, a fairly clear menu in which you can make many settings awaits you once. With the program, you can use almost any setting of your monitor or your graphics card with simple clicks. It is based on a surface in which you can make once basic graphic settings. These consist of simple screen resolution, refresh rate, and color palette. You can also make adjustments for DirectX and OpenGL. If your screen once displays not the right colors or strongly deviates from the normal values, you can customize pretty quickly again this with PowerStrip. But not only that, you can also single colors, gamma and brightness and more individually set. If you make these settings, you have the opportunity to share the screen and see a preview of your new values with PowerStrip. Through the stored database of the program you don't need the manual for your monitor. PowerStrip provides you all the information you need for almost any monitor.

Description of the version: PowerStrip

PowerStrip offers many features and unique advantages in dealing with your monitor and your graphics card in its current version. So, you can change not only the settings on your monitor, but übertrakten and advanced set your graphics card itself. Your monitor can cleverly adapt in almost any manner and calibrate to your needs. You will receive information about technical data, Plug and-play functionality and other characteristics of your monitor.

Main features of the program PowerStrip 3.9

• Customize almost every feature and every setting your graphics card possible
• There are many options for your monitor
• Were repaired errors
• The translations have been adjusted

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