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PowerPoint Viewer 2010

See PowerPoint presentations without PowerPoint Office.

PowerPoint Viewer, the "little brother" of PowerPoint allows you to view presentations on a computer, without requiring a full version of PowerPoint to be installed. Additionally, the PowerPoint Viewer freeware is available.

You can use the PowerPoint Viewer show you presentations quickly and easily, created with the full version of Microsoft PowerPoint. This is possible even if the file with a password is protected. However, you can file either change or new files edit the displayed texts and images and create presentations. As the name of the program suggests, you can take only a "look" on the files. Print the PowerPoint Viewer lets you the displayed files but still. You can do this easily by right clicking on each slide. To keep in mind is that not the entire presentation, but only individual slides can be printed.

The application of the software is clear and simple because of a few features. Opening a file is either double with the corresponding file or you start to let first the program from the start menu, then on "Open dialog" to select the desired file and show you. And also printing a file that will be shown with the PowerPointViewer is easy.

An advantage of the PowerPoint Viewer is that it offers no attack surface as a simplified program without many features of macro viruses. Thus the PowerPoint Viewer not only substitute program, but also as protection suitable if no full Office version is available on the computer available, if obtained files from lesser-known sources and would like to look at and not edit.

Description of the version: PowerPoint Viewer 2010

With the new version of the Viewer, you can view PowerPoint presentations and print. With the extensive features of the original program, you don't have to deal you. The PowerPoint Viewer is so quite handy if you want to use information from presentations. The extensive original program must be installed on your PC. Requires only the installation of an operating system from Windows 2000 Service Pack 4.

The new PowerPoint Viewer: easier access to presentation files

• Installation requirement: operating system from Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
• Download the program and double-click Start
• Open presentations, view and print
• Password-protected presentations can be opened

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