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Poweroff is a free software that transfers your PC regularly recurring tasks.



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After downloading the free software poweroff uncomplicated you can make quick and optimally managing your PC. The version of this freeware is available in German language.

The free software poweroff is 95 and win XP 98, Win NT 4.0, win 2000, win for win OS and has a size of approx. 168.0 KByte. Author of poweroff is Jorgen Bosman, who lives in Belgium and you can contact via the Internet, by E-Mail and via its website. Sure he had wanted long a software for the PC, which makes it possible to delegate different tasks on the computer. This creates poweroff now, and after downloading, you will notice that the dialog box of the software resembles Windows XP. It is clearly designed, so that you can at any time can change or extend your specifications to the PC. Just try it, and you will hardly want to avoid and find new variants for the control of the PC.

You set your PC on certain actions such as "Logout", "Restart", or also "shut down" or also on other options such as the startup or warning messages. In addition you can control time the execution of tasks by your or a remote PC, and this is of great benefit for you. The timing is done for example, by giving you a precise time, a day of the week, give a specific week or the full date.

You save time anyway, which you can then would rather spend with important work directly on the PC or surfing the Internet. In the Internet you can find many positive customer reviews about the freeware poweroff which certainly remove the last doubts before downloading with you.

Description of the version: Poweroff

Poweroff is a free software in German language, which decreases you many administrative tasks on your PC after downloading. You save time and can program time for example, the "Startup" and "Shutdown". On the relevant dialog box you enter just the desired time, the day, the week or the month. This freeware is 95 and win XP 98, Win NT 4.0, win 2000, win for win OS and has a size of approx. 168.0 KByte. Author of poweroff is Jorgen Bosman, who lives in Belgium.

Summary of important information about the software

• Freeware
• in German
• suitable for the operating systems Win 98, Win NT 4.0, win 2000, Win 95, win XP
• Author is Jorgen Bosman

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