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PowerDicom Professional Edition, you can create DICOM files, edit, and send.



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PowerDicom Professional Edition

The correct handling and transfer of patient data can decide about life and death in medicine. PowerDicom Professional Edition gives you a solution that is based on the open standard DICOM and simplifies the work with medical records. The PowerDicom Professional Edition is by their structure and the graphical user interface for suitable people, who have little experience with the DICOM standard and work with such data. PowerDicom Professional Edition, you can both compressed and uncompressed data to view and edit.

The DICOM standard determines also the communication protocols for the exchange of files in addition to the storage format, so the PowerDicom Professional Edition the data passed as can be well received. In addition to pure viewing DICOM data and images, you can also edit these data the PowerDicom Professional Edition and add diagnoses or other information. A so-called SOP (service object pair) is created by supplementary information and submitting them. There are different classes of SOP are all supported. Because the standards are constantly evolving, the PowerDicom Professional Edition has an automatic update service. Thus, it is ensured that the latest version is available.

The PowerDicom Professional Edition supports all manufacturers of medical devices and is thus universally applicable. In contrast to pure viewing solutions, you can create DICOM files with PowerDicom Professional Edition and send easily through the graphical interface or directly edit. But even just try out the software and convince yourself of the functionality and ease of use. You can directly download the PowerDicom Professional Edition through the download function here on our Web page and test free of charge.

PowerDicom Professional Edition features:

• Simplifies working with DICOM data
• Graphical user interface
• Supports all SOP classes
• Automatic updates
• Trial version
• For all Windows 32 and 64-bit platforms

Background to the PowerDicom Professional Edition

The German company MHGSoft are the PowerDicom Professional Edition as well as the other editions of PowerDicom. The company develops solutions for the medical data and image viewing topics in medicine and through automatic updates, ensures that the software is always up to date is.

Description of the version: PowerDicom Professional Edition

The new features in the latest edition of PowerDicom professional facilitate the editing of DICOM files. This software is interactive and automatically performs predefined and complex machining processes in the new version of yourself. Is the program interface and designed the application for clinics and scientific technical areas, a very convenient functionality can submit as interested friends. You can take over now including Word files, you can then transform and integrate.

The new features of the current version of PowerDicom Professional Edition.

• Viewer for header data
• Word report generator
• Automation Toolkit
• DICOMDIR farm to the Transfomierung from Word files
• Editor for header data
• WADO caller and WADO composer

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