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Power video karaoke offers you everything for you from your favorite songs can do karaoke.



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Power Video Karaoke

Power video karaoke is an easy to use software, with which you can make your own Karaoke. Your players need to support only the KAR format. Then you can start it directly. With power video karaoke, you can free songs from CD or your hard drive by the vocals and convert them into AVI and MPEG formats. Play these videos on your computer or share them with friends on video platforms. With power video karaoke, you can enter your own song lines or copy text and paste it into the text box. With step-by-step tutorials you explains simply how to sync text and music.

Add power video karaoke wallpapers and other videos. You can create titles and credits themselves, change the font of the text, and use animations. Power video karaoke offers you many additional functions, which you can use to make your video according to your wishes. The power video karaoke Duet feature, you can make videos, in which two singers can sing at the same time.

You can directly download power video karaoke with us. Just click on the button and download power video karaoke starts immediately.

More power video karaoke functions:

• Compatible with Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003
• Convert to karaoke KAR files
• Create play as MPEG and WAV files
• Take out the vocal track and insert your own text
• Animations, font types, and loads of extras make for real Karaokefeeling
• Share videos with your friends and hear the songs on your MP3 player

The story of power video karaoke

Karaoke was invented in the 1970s in Japan and means as much as "empty orchestra". Its inventor had initially built the devices themselves and rented to bars in Kobe. Because he his invention not had patented, he was awarded the business. Karaoke quickly became popular and spread in recent years in Germany. This constantly expanded the spectrum of technical options. Communities on the Internet exchanging their karaoke versions and can evaluate each other. Programs for the computer or video game consoles get the Karaokespaß in the living room. Since it is only obvious, was that software would be invented which allows you to play these videos not only, but also to synthesize, as is possible with power video karaoke. In 2002, the company brought the first karaoke program on the market. Now they sell a large number of different Karaokesoftware for private use, but also for professional singers, including power video karaoke.

Description of the version: Power Video Karaoke

The Karaokespaß for each is guaranteed with power video karaoke. The program allows you to create karaoke versions of your favorite songs, complete with title and text display. The included tool Vocal Remover helps you to remove the vocals from your songs. It's also possible to make karaoke, with additional effects for the text display as well as background images and many other features. The videos can be saved as AVI or MPEG file and are played everywhere or are made online.

Power video karaoke offers many features

• Create karaoke versions of your favorite songs with text and title image
• Convert MIDI karaoke for karaoke
• Many more features for your multimedia devices

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