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PowerVCR II is the multimedia hub for analog and digital TV programs on your PC.



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Power VCR II

A TV card is today for many computers already standard equipment. To you but can record TV broadcasts, you need a professional solution, PowerVCR II. In the latest version 3.0, further improvements are included, so that your PC thus becomes a real Recording Studio. PowerVCR II it can record both analog and digital broadcasts and stores them in MPEG 1 or 2 format. Thus, also a transfer on DVD is possible, so that the recordings not all must be kept above PowerVCR II on your hard drive.

In addition to the direct recording and playback function you can record time offset the broadcasts with PowerVCR II. For a time scheduler is integrated into the program, which you can use to set the recording start. Thus, it doesn't matter if you're even not home to watch your favorite show or the movie you always wanted to see, and to record. All done PowerVCR II without any problems for you. And the TIMESHIFT function is even better, because with this you can see already a broadcast, while it is recorded with PowerVCR II. Too late you only a few minutes, you can see already the beginning of the broadcast, while further is recorded in the background. You can fast-forward commercials so you can make up for the missed time with PowerVCR II.

The same applies to interruptions. If you need to telephone or doorbell rings at the door, you can stop the playback, while in the background by PowerVCR II further is recorded. The interruption is ended, can you further look at the place, where you left off. Thus, you missed the most important scenes movies nor football transfers. And advertising or the half you can just skip and thus recover the lost time. And if you're a fan of the series, you can put together individual episodes of the series with PowerVCR II and look at the parts without interruption.

PowerVCR II features:

• Record of analog and digital TV broadcasts
• Storage in MPEG 1 or 2 format
• Programmable recording Scheduler
• TIMESHIFT function for timeshifting while recording
• Shareware license
• For Windows 98/ME/2000/XP


PowerVCR II is a development of CyberLink Corp. and is on a par with the other multimedia applications of the company. By CyberLink aims to enhance existing multimedia applications and develop new technologies. The products were awarded several awards renowned magazines.

Description of the version: Power VCR II

The new version 3.0 provides several options as experienced users for individual adjustment to the available. You can affect the data rate, frame rate, and the size of the image. A maximum frame size of 720 x 480, in the PAL system from 704 x 756 available is in the NTSC system. The power DVD player was integrated into the new software. So are you can record digital DVD quality and play.

The most important new features of power VCR II 3.0

• individual adjustment option
• Data and frame rate selectable
• new adjustment of image quality for NTSC and PAL
• integrated power DVD player
• Recording and playback in digital quality

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