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Power sound editor free is an audio recorder with many features for editing music.



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Power Sound Editor

Power sound editor free you can own material as well as already existing audio files from the hard disk or a CD record and edit, and so totally new sounds arise. This offers you the program many menus and sound effects that you can easily apply to your music. You check individual audio tracks, track areas, or a stereo channel in the song by using the waveform display, and then select the desired effect. Here, you choose from a wide range of filters and effects: digital effects such as amplify, delay, Flanger, equalizer, fade, ECHO and chorus and many audio filters such as for example the noise filter to the noise reduction and many more. Change simple and fast sound, pitch and volume of your songs and customize to your sound. Power sound editor free gives you many preset sound patterns and more great options, you can change your songs and Spice it up.

All important functions available are cutting your audio recordings or CD tracks at the power sound editor free. Let dir to display the waveform of your songs, so that you can further edit the material using audio history. So you can achieve sonically perfect results with power sound editor free. With the speech synthesis engine of power sound editor free you can make your PC language convert easily written text with the speech engine. With the audio mix function, you can record music with the power sound editor free from Internet videos and record recordings from VOIP phone calls. This all sounds emitted from the PC running speaker are recorded.

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Even more power sound editor free features:

• Waveform display
• Many digital effects
• Many audio filter
• Text-to-speech feature
• Audio mix function
• No format issues: convert back and forth between all popular file formats.

Learn more about power sound editor free

Power sound editor free can open the formats MPEG (MP3 and MP2), WAV, OGG and WMA. The recorded and edited audio files as MP3 can be stored with power sound editor free. The program runs on all Windows systems from Windows 98 and supports all popular Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Description of the version: Power Sound Editor

The current version of power sound editor can await you with innovative new features. It offered a variety the user of effects, which can really be fun. You have the possibility to vary the pitch, to produce distortions or reversals and to give a new tone with ECHO sounds of music. In addition, also a Sprachsynthesmodul is integrated that can convert written text into audio files.

The most important innovations of the power sound editor

• New integrated equalizer and amplitude functions were
• Sprachsythesemodul allows the conversion of text into audio files
• Improved effect functions give the player great fun guaranteed
• Speech engine creates high optimized audio files
• Sounds and pitches can be fine tuned

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