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  • Windows 3.5

Power mixer is a useful tool to change the Windows sound settings.



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Power Mixer

Download and installation of power mixer correspond to what you would expect from such a tool. The file size is small, the download accordingly quickly, and the installation is done too quickly. If it runs in the background, it uses virtually no system resources and settles as an icon in the system tray.

When starting the installation power requesting mixer in the desired installation language, because it is available in 25 languages. After the selection of German as a language is carried out then the rest of the installation indeed in this language and not a a mixture of German and English. Thus you can be sure that enough time was used also on the translations, and power mixer is not a snapshot. After selecting the destination directory, power mixer is installed and ready to use in seconds. After starting to get displayed the sound cards and can choose from multiple installed sound cards then the one output and input power settings you want to apply the mixer. Of course, you can configure parallel multiple sound cards. About sound preset you can choose different profiles list about a drop. Their selection causes a change in the volume first and foremost. This is a normal setting at 50, the profile of "Evening" only at 10.

In the options of power mixer you can make additional settings. It starts with the view of power mixer, where you can see the language and change. Still you can change the layout style and customize on your own Windows layout. In the menu you can then set mixer of power mixer, with which key combination, the volume can be changed. Other settings of the program relate to the system settings, so whether to start the program with Windows, as well as additional settings for mixers and also hotkeys. Try it best yourself once and download power mixer from our download page.

Features of power mixer:

• Windows volume control
• Volume control using the mouse wheel
• Programmable hotkeys
• Available in 25 languages
• Shareware, 14 days trial period
• Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Background information on powered mixer

Power mixer is a development of actual solution and one of two of the company's products, has focused on the area of sound control Windows. By focusing on only a few products in a single market segment, the company can ensure that the products are always up to date and thus appropriately maintained.

Description of the version: Power Mixer

With the download of power mixer allows you you a tool on your computer that can do much more than to regulate only the volume. The current version of the power mixer has some innovations in the luggage. As the program is now Windows Vista compatible and many previously occurring, minor operating problems have been fixed. Now, the new powered mixer has a muting function, which you can activate by pressing the middle mouse button or the scroller.

The most important innovations in the current version

• Support for Windows Vista
• Muting function press the scroller or the middle mouse button
• Update the help function
• Elimination of error so far

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