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A video player that comes along with all formats and edit clips.



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PotPlayer can be play and also edit all video formats.

Who knows the KMPlayer, will find Parallels to PotPlayer, because it is based on just this application.

The video player PotPlayer is free and plays all popular video formats. The video decoder that is used is called FFmpeg.

The user interface of freeware PotPlayer is clear and so easily overlooked. Functions are quickly shown with a right mouse click.

For beginners, the program is quickly understood and there good results can be easily achieved.

With skins of PotPlayer can be personal fashion. Videos get thanks to filters and effects the desired finishing touches.

Description of the version: PotPlayer

With the version, video reproductions are no problem. The PotPlayer in this version don't like only Blu-rays. Maybe there will be an extension on the next update.

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