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PosteRazor 1.5 allows you to create poster from photos using grid printouts.



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  • Updated: 20.09.2013


PosteRazor 1.5 is a photo editing program of a special kind. You can download a random photo in this program as the opening image. By setting the grid size you choose now to break up into how many parts PosteRazor 1.5 this image. Every single part of the image is created as a PDF file, which you can easily print out. PosteRazor 1.5 calculated during rasterization, which overlap and glue edges are needed at the end again faithfully to put together the picture. In addition, PosteRazor 1.5 takes into account also automatically default printer margins.

PosteRazor 1.5 is getting used to something. So you can mark for example values that you want to override in PosteRazor 1.5 not by drag and drop, but need a double-click on the respective value. The drop & drag - PosteRazor 1.5 procedure is reserved for the positive or negative change in value. In determining the grid sizes stand in PosteRazor 1.5 options available. You can set the values in centimeters, as a percentage of the original size or the number of pages to be created. The qualitative results of the individual pages created by PosteRazor 1.5 is of course dependent on the resolution, your system is equipped with the.

PosteRazor 1.5 is available as a free freeware on the Internet for downloading. If you want to try, you should now simply click how you can create your own poster or collage, the button "Download". You follow all instructions that appear on your screen, and did a program on your computer that can decompose you each original image in the number of parts you want within a very short time.

The application possibilities of PosteRazor 1.5

• Invite original images any size
• Distribution of the original image in uniform grid
• Different options for setting the grid size
• Expression as PDF file
• Automatic calculation of overlap and glue edges
• Freeware, for MAC and Linux available

System requirements and download

PosteRazor 1.5 is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The size of the download file is 814,2 kilobytes and takes so little space. The resolution of your graphics card and the qualitative potential of your printer are decisive for the quality of the printed poster parts. The resolution is higher, the pictures are even more brilliant. If you have installed a MAC or Linux operating system, the manufacturer also offers a free program.

Description of the version: PosteRazor

The software PosteRazor allows you to print a large poster from an image file. This cuts the program any image into pieces and stores them as a PDF file. Subsequent can printed out pages and glued together at the overlap points. The 1.5.2 version has been completely revised, for example, you can open image files with Windows Vista now. Furthermore, the software is now available as Win32 installer and the program structure has been simplified.

The most important innovations of the software PosteRazor 1.5.2

• Brazilian and Portuguese translation
• Is available now as a Win32 installer
• Image files can also be opened in Windows Vista
• Loading of images in Windows were fixed issues
• Program structure has been simplified

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