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The new portable OpenOffice helps you to create professional presentations.



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Portable OpenOffice

You wanted to have always a professional text editor with features like spreadsheets and presentations, but it was too expensive for you? With the new portable OpenOffice, you will receive a free alternative. You can professionally create tables or inserting charts in other documents. There are no limits to your projects. Helpful features in the new portable OpenOffice are available at any time. The user interface is self-explanatory and walks you step by step through the process of creating of your document.

On this page you can download your new portable OpenOffice simple and fast and install on your computer with just a few hand movements. You must be a professional in dealing with spreadsheets and presentations, to be able to work with the new portable OpenOffice. Any layman can hereby create a professional chart and paste it into a document. Why not verblüffst you your colleagues or classmates in your next presentation? You will be delighted by the individual presentation.

The new portable OpenOffice allows you to entirely new perspectives. You need to gather data for your chef and clearly list in a table? The current portable OpenOffice will be happy to help you with a lot of useful functions. Your graphs and charts will be tempting. The clearly arranged modular design of the new portable OpenOffice shows several pages at the same time, if you want it. Your documents are stored in XML format and can be converted into any other common Office format. The new portable OpenOffice is available in 25 languages, and it is understandable for any user. It can compete with any larger Office program.

The new portable OpenOffice at a glance:

• Change the appearance of your computer
• Working with graphics
• Integrated spell checker
• easy installation
• Customization through extension manager
• user-friendly operation

System requirements for the current portable OpenOffice

You need for the new portable OpenOffice which Microsoft Windows operating system 7, 98, me, 2000, Vista or Windows XP and a processor with at least 500 megahertz frequency. Your computer should have a RAM of at least 128 megabytes, and a free disk space of at least 90 megabytes. Also, your screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels needs to work. Otherwise, the new portable OpenOffice has no special requirements to your computer.

Description of the version: Portable OpenOffice

With the update to version 3 Portable is OpenOffice through many small changes and new features even more user friendly. For example, moving graphics and renaming worksheets will makes it easier. Also the change is greatly simplified by font sizes through the insertion of buttons. The display of graphics on the screen is now even better with the anti-aliasing technique (anti-aliasing).

List of improvements by portable OpenOffice 3

• Facilitating the change of font sizes by buttons in the toolbar
• Improved graphic anti-aliasing
• More reliable locking of files on the network
• Rename worksheets by double click
• Increased efficiency of Calc
• Flexible positioning of axes

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