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Portable Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox Web browser was extra compressed for the portable Firefox. The portable Firefox is still not a 10 megabyte claim. With the portable Firefox, you have the advantage, that it must be installed on a computer and runs directly from a USB flash drive or other removable media. After you have downloaded the portable Firefox, you must unpack only the zip archive and copy the contained directory on a USB stick. About the program portable Firefox.exe starts the portable Firefox. Please note that you are not running the normal Firefox browser here.

The portable Firefox offers you the same features as the normal version of Firefox. The most Firefox extensions and features available are as they pass through a special Launcher. Also, you can use features such as tabs and bookmarks management. By the way, you're browsing completely anonymously through the Internet. This anonymity makes possible the private browsing mode in Firefox portable. If you want to watch videos, you will need no plug-ins and no external media player. The video is played directly in your Web browser. Gecko 1.9.2 is responsible for the fast speed of the portable Firefox the Web rendering engine.

If you want to change for example, the surface of the portable Firefox, you can do this by using free themes. With Personas, you can change the look and feel of the browser without having to restart the browser. The software informs you about out-of-date Add-Ons and possible safety risks. Also supports the portable Firefox open Fonts formats, like for example, CSS, DOM, WFF, etc.

Features of portable Firefox

• Applicable to USB flash drive or other removable media
• Private browsing mode
• Bookmark function
• Information service for obsolete Add-Ons
• Support the open Fonts formats
• Speed through the Web rendering engine Gecko 1.9.2

Background information on Mozilla Firefox

The software was developed in the company Netscape Communications Corporation. To develop more programs, a non-profit organization called Mozilla Foundation was founded in 1998. This Foundation takes care of the maintenance and the development of Mozilla Firefox. The Mozilla Corporation was founded in 2005 by the Foundation. The company cares for the marketing as well as the commercial support of the programs of Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird.

Description of the version: Portable Firefox

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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