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Popims animator is a fun tool with which you can create great morph effects.



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Popims Animator

Popims animator is a perfect tool for you to create diagonal image effects. You certainly know the animations, where two faces each other a corruptor and so funny effects. With Popims animator, you have the possibility to create such animations even now actually. You can use every conceivable source material. Fall back on the photos from your digital camera or on photos from your hard drive archive, download whatever images from the Internet down or from where. Use these images to use for great transitions and create entirely new animations and faces. With Popims animator, you have all the necessary functions in a single software together for and can immediately start with the fun. Invite your friends and family and look at what great results you can conjure up with the software. You will resolve you difficult to get by this brilliant program.

The simple user interface of Popims animator is awesome. You will have understood you in a few minutes and create your first morph animations of faces. It's so easy that you'll can stop again. Popims animator is powerful and can for example turn the animations, nor while they run. And yet it is very easy to use.

The Popims animator supports all common image formats for image manipulation. If the format of the pictures should not correspond to your ideas, you can edit it directly in Popims animator with the extensive editing tools and customize. You can slightly change the picture size or align. When you're done with the preparations, you have to push just one button, and the morph can begin.

Other features of Popims animator:

• Warping
at the same time manipulate multiple images •
Save result as video •
• circular morphing
• slow playback

The developers of Popims animator

Popims animator animation program developed by the company MeeSoft. It is with Popims animator since 2005 on the market and has many satisfied users can win. Like all other programs from MeeSoft also Popims animator is offered completely free of charge. So, there is no reason not to try it. The software runs on all Windows operating systems like Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP/Vista/7.

Description of the version: Popims Animator

The new version of the Popims animator is fully compatible with Windows 7 and allows you to use you also on this operating system, the great features. You can use one of the preset features to start with one of your own images before yourself to the other functions. Your videos or a series of images of an object, you can create 3D images. Other features include warping photos or the flowing transition from 2 images.

The current version 4.00 of Popims animator features

• Support for Windows 7.
Create • 3D images from videos or photo series.
• Two images into each other fade (morphing).
• Individual images warp (warp).

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