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Pong in the 1970s, became the first globally successful video game. Initially only arcade version available, a home version was developed by Atari some time later. The game simulates the principle of Tischtennisspiels in a very simple way.

The developer Ralph Baer experimented with a simple program years earlier developed by scientists with an oscilloscope and floating in a ball between two rods - and thus invented the first video game console in the world. It was a simple box that was connected to a monitor, to play the game simple for today's conditions. A game that should be the first commercially successful his art. Pong is still regarded as one of the great fathers and classic of video games.

Now you have the opportunity to play this unique classic on your computer. The principle remained unchanged: Pong is a simple simulation of table tennis - but her timeless secret lies in its simplicity. A dark background, before the left and right two white bar up and down can be controlled. In the Middle, a white square, which is supposed to represent a ball and sent high and down maneuvers targeted to control the enemy off commutes. If a player succeeds in the feat, he gets to a point. You can increase the speed of the ball during the duration of the game, which also raises the level of difficulty.

To play the game in your browser, you don't need anything more than the current version of the Adobe Flash Player. Pong is compliant, such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla's Firefox, Google's chrome, Opera and various other representatives with all popular browsers. Pull the small Flash file in your browser only 3.3 kilobytes, and the fun can begin.

Description of the version: Pong

Pong transformed itself in the early 1970s to the first worldwide popular video game and was designed initially for arcade machines. Later was also a home version released by Atari, which was a great success. The video game simulates the principle of Tischtennisspiels in a very simple way. Two players compete against each other and must prevent that breaks the ball in their own out. The degree of difficulty increases with increasing speed of the ball. Fly the ball to the own, the opponent receives a point.

The main features of the current version of Pong.

• The first popular video game of all time for the home PC
• For all connoisseurs of the game are pre-programmed nostalgia feelings
• The free Macromedia Flash Player is required

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