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PokerTH belongs to the best PC poker games and just as much fun as a real poker game.



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The open-source game PokerTH brings the popular poker variant of Texas hold'em on your PC at home. With up to ten computer or real opponents you play you the coveted chips until last pot belongs.

PokerTH is one of the best free implementations of Texas hold'em for the local computer. Once you have installed the game, you can already start your first batch. Previously you must make still some settings. You can choose, whether you want to play on your PC over a network or the Internet. Up to ten opponents place can take at each table. Here you can choose, whether you want to play against real opponents or the computer.

If you play only against computer opponents, you can even the speed of the game and take a break in between. To do this you have to click just the pause button and it pauses the current round. You play on the Internet or on a network, you can look at the available tables and decide where you want to take place. Have decided for a table, it can even go. You'll play round by round for the coveted chips to multiply your own stock. Although PokerTH is only play money - the fun factor is the same as in a real poker game.

The PokerTH community makes special PokerTH. In addition to chats and forums, where you you can exchange with other PokerTH players, you can download various table and card deck styles, created by PokerTH-fans. If the Green Poker table is too boring for you, you can find here something suitable. And if you don't, you simply design your own table or your own deck of cards and share it with the community.

Description of the version: PokerTH

The current version 0.8.3 of PokerTH fixes a bug which meant that the game crashed as soon as a player in an Internet or network game left the table. The game a lot becomes more stable with this bug fix, which is why you should also necessarily play with the new version. In addition, the new version offers an update of the language files, where also some bugs have been fixed. You are also playing on a 64-bit system from Windows, you can try out the new 64-bit version of PokerTH. But is this version still in development.

Key new features of PokerTH 0.8.3

• Bugfix: Fixes crashes when an Internet or network game players leave the table
• Update of the language files
• New experimental 64-bit now available

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