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Pokedex is your professional database for your Pokemons with all important information.



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Pokemons are cult. No matter whether trading cards or a game for consoles - you have to know your Pokemons, to win fights. Because you have no chance without exact knowledge of the strengths, weaknesses and attacks of your Pokemons. Pokédex easier to handle and the selection of your Pokemons. The database contains all the important data you need to know to your Pokemons. Pokédex point you towards any Pokémon also the stages of evolution. 16 Ivysaur will for example from the Pokemon Bulbasaur start with level and level 32 Venusaur.

A picture of the Pokemons appears on the left side of the main window of the Pokédex. Through the button "Grow" under the picture, you can grow it and get the next evolution. Sorting the Pokemons can be either numerically or alphabetically in the Pokédex in a list on the right side of the main window. In addition to the number and the name also the type is displayed to every Pokémon by Pokédex. The type is very important for fighting, because certain Pokemons already of the type here are inferior to others and have little chance of a victory.

On the left, you will find detailed information about the selected Pokémon Pokédex below the image. The middle pane of the main window of Pokedex is reserved the detailed information. Here are the pros and cons of your Pokemons and the moves. The moves get Additionally shown, at what level these are available. With this information you can get involved on every fight, because you know your Pokemons as well as nobody else. And this of course also applies to the Pokemons of opponent. Try it best yourself once, and download Pokédex. You can start the download by Pokédex right here from our site by clicking on the download button. The download is fast and secure, and due to the professional programming of the program according to small.

Features of Pokedex:

• Pokemon database
• Includes data from 251 Pokemon
• Lists the values, experience points, and their strengths and weaknesses
• Selection of Pokémon according to various criteria
• Freeware
• Required Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT

Background information on Pokedex

Pokedex is an offering from Angelfire, and is also offered as freeware like other programs of the company. Angelfire is a hosting provider part of Lycos and offers its customers a wide range of packages and services.

Description of the version: Pokedex

Are you a fan of Pokemons? Then you need a Pokédex. This encyclopedia provides information about 251 Pokemons in the current version for you with all the data that you might be interested in. As freeware, this comprehensive reference book gives you information such as values, the experience points, stages of development and the strengths and weaknesses. With this software, no questions remain open and you can impress your friends with your knowledge.

Features of the Pokédex in the current version 3.5

• Pokemon freeware dictionary
• Includes information about 251 Pokemons
• Provides information on stages of development
• Lists important data such as the values and strengths and weaknesses

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