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The application record crate all music files on computers and manages them in a database.



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Who knows for sure that he has saved a title on his computer and not find him again, which usually decides to clean up soon once. Good intentions are often quickly r_s. Record crate, a music management program that helps to make the order.

With the program record crate, you can manage the albums are stored on your computer and listen. It is easy to associate the cover files and to create a kind of virtual library. So you quickly find specific title or easily can put together playlists, a tag editor is implemented. You can so browse the record of the record crate on certain meta tags and tags also quickly change that. There are a number of audio formats supported: for example, MP3, MP4 or M4A, AAC and OGG. You can let you show your record collection on three ways: on the one in the cover version - here is listed the album with its cover, artist, title, and year. You can sort the collection of albums but also alphabetically, and you get the album with the associated cover shown in the detail version and more info on the title, performers, etc.

If statistics among your Steckenpferden, you can examine your collection with the program record crate also from this point of view, create a graphical representation of, for example, how many songs come from a particular time or by a particular artist. You play a song, then you can in another window read the text or sing along. The installation is possible, but easily on external media such as a USB flash drive not only on your main computer. Music collections with more than 5,000 albums can be managed. The built-in CD Ripper not only helps convert of an audio CD to other formats, but with him also metafiles from the Internet can be downloaded.

Description of the version: Plattenkiste

Version of the record crate finds all music files on your computer and unites them in a database. It retrieves additional information about songs and albums via the Web database FreeDB and an album art Finder. Version has an improved cover query and connects the portals of, or for images. The database search using parallel query, i.e. you will find also to typographical error. A burning function for audio CD with many extras.

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• Language: German
• published: 31.03.2011
• suitable for: Win 98 Win NT 4.0, win 2000 win me win XP Windows Vista Windows 7
• Freeware
• 3.6 MByte

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