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PKZIP for Windows desktop is the most advanced archiving tool on the market.



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PKZIP for Windows Desktop

Are you looking for a really comprehensive, powerful and super fast Pack program? Then you should look to be sure closer PKZIP for Windows desktop. The archiver is the absolute classic among the archiving tools for your PC. PKZIP for Windows Desktop works with an easy-to-understand user interface, in which you you can find their way without any learning curve. If you don't want to read online manuals, just because you want to use one of the best compression technology in the world, PKZIP for Windows desktop could be of interest to you. The tool is tiny, quick to install and ready. Try it out today and take care of a reasonable and secure archiving of your important files and large amounts of data.

PKZIP for Windows desktop is the right partner for you, when it comes to the theme ZIP files and file management. PKZIP for Windows Desktop supports even the largest files on your hard drive and can grab with a modern compression algorithm in the shortest time. The program has only started and moved the files in the window and already ready for the compression - easier, it is no longer possible.

PKZIP for Windows desktop with ZIP provides a compression standard that is understood on all computer platforms. You can put a file on your Windows platform and forward it to a Mac-user. All this is possible with PKZIP for Windows desktop.

Other features of PKZIP for Windows desktop:

• Compression up to 98%
• Extract files directly from within applications
• Encrypt file names
• Password protection for archives
• Lossless compression
• File shredding

The developers of PKZIP for Windows desktop

PKZIP for Windows desktop is being developed by the American company PKWARE and entered the market of archiving tools already in 2001. The compression technique but goes back to earlier developments and has a really long story behind it. The long tradition of development of PKZIP for Windows desktop is also, which makes this tool into something special. PKZIP for Windows desktop can be run on all of your Windows systems such as Win95/98/98SE/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7. The program is continually for almost ten years and has therefore a high standard of programming and a high accuracy.

Description of the version: PKZIP for Windows Desktop

The latest version of PKZIP for Windows Desktop offers you in addition to the support for Windows 7 as operating system further innovations. So the version supports the open and extract from archives in the * .zipx format. Still, downloading digital certificates from LDAP servers has been improved so that you can be secure about the origin of the data. And the use of the lowercase has a basic and an advanced options when extracting now function.

Features of the current version 12.4 of PKZIP for Windows desktop

• Windows 7 as the operating system
• full support of * .zipx format
• improved access to digital certificates from LDAP servers
• new support models

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