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PJIRC is a free IRC client on the basis of the Java runtime environment.



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PJIRC is no software in the strict sense: it can be used as applet for your Web browser or using the "Java runtime environment" on your system. Accordingly, you will find also any EXE files in the PJIRC-ZIP-file; to start the applet in your browser, click on one of the HTML files in the PJIRC folder or open one of the JAR files with your Java virtual machine. However, the actual purpose of PJIRC's use as a chat applet on your own website. The corresponding files must be uploaded for it on the server.

The PJIRC operated, in the sense of older IRC clients, through the input of commands or parameters in the browser window. In addition to the mandatory parameters such as nickname, real name, and IRC-server host, there are a lot of parameters, which are designed to fit your wishes the IRC chat. So, by using these commands, you can set which IRC server port should be used or in what language you want to use the applet. A further subset of commands make finally that "style" parameter with which you simply and simply specify the appearance of PJIRC. PJIRC also brings a whole lot of technical tools: these include bitmap smileys as well as appropriate program sounds.

What distinguishes IRC and PJIRC thus: the large IRC networks (currently there are worldwide total several hundred networks) make each several thousand chat channels, 'Channels', available, dedicated to mostly a theme or a common interest. Theoretically in turn several thousand users can participate in discussions in these channels, resulting in an enormous variety of topics and users under the dash. IRC is especially considered particularly liberal, because basically everything can be discussed and a presenter at a meta level does not take place.

A few features of PJIRC:

• Runs as a browser applet or JavaVM
• Multilingual
• Many thematic channels
• Supports ASL
• Open source
• Free of charge

PJIRC and backgrounds

PJIRC is a free and open-source IRC client on the basis of the Java runtime environment. This originated first as a kind of technology training for the circle of PJIRC developer Philippe Detournay. Probably from a lack of alternatives, the applet has evolved since 2002 to a Java-based IRC-client.

Description of the version: Pjirc

The current version of PJIRC software is now a complex Web chat client that can come up with some useful new features. You have now, for example the possibility to customize the background image and configure itself. You will help the external control via JavaScript and can add also the language for all other users and play a sound available for all users.

The most important innovations in the current version of PJIRC

• Adjustment for the background of the Panel
• More user comfort due to revised layout
• Support for external control via JavaScript
• Advanced Setup sound

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