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Pingus is a graphically appealing styled game where you act as a Savior of the penguins.



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A free remake of lemming

This game is relatively easy to set up. Who dominates the game way of lemmings, will have no problems with this free clone. Pingus penguins expire, after they were suspended in a level, simply just. While they evade any obstacle, and if opens up an abyss, they rush into without hesitation. Your task in Pingus is to promote as many penguins safely and without any loss to the output of the level.

You are able to assign special abilities to your characters. So, your penguins in Pingus can learn for example how to dig a tunnel or builds bridges to avoid deadly obstacles. Also flying, you can teach your players. Under certain conditions, a rotor gives them the opportunity to move through the air and to overcome so deadly chasms, in which they would normally fall.

So the game does not lose to voltage, the applications of these special skills in Pingus are limited. You need the proper combination of different tools, you can buy friends during the game, to be able to use special skills for your characters. Only if you sure that next level to carry into a pre-determined number of penguins, you reach the next level of Pingus. Even twenty years after the first appearance of its predecessor Pingus shows that a computer game with simple basics can bring a lot of fun. A total of eight Halloween-level are integrated into the new version of Pingus. Pingus is also equipped with a very instructive story about climate change and its fatal consequences.

Pingus is available free to download on the Internet. If you now click on the download button, you can start with the installation. You have to do nothing further to follow step by step the instructions on your screen and within a few minutes you can start already, the adorable little penguins which foresees Pingus game figures to save life.

The game features of Pingus

Graphic compelling •
• Tutorial island
• Statement to the learning
• Various levels of difficulty
•Built-in eight Halloween-level
• Information on climate change

System requirements and download

Pingus you can play, if you're using one of the following Windows operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows 2000 and 2003, Windows NT, Windows ME, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. The download file size is 12.8 megabytes and is completed in a short time. The installation is performed with a step by-step guide.

Description of the version: Pingus

Open source game in the retro-look.

Pingus pingus

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