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Pidgin is small, simple and resource-saving - a Messenger without many games just.



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  • Updated: 24.10.2013


Ad-free and in its look completely to your needs can be adjusted - looks like Pidgin in its current version. In addition, many current protocols are supported, some programs save you.

Most of us are probably logged into more than one Messenger. It's often annoying to call each program individually and at their worst at the same time to have opened five to ten programs. Here is the widely used multi Messenger remedy. One of those representatives Pidgin wears the funny name and waiting with unique features and benefits.

The advertising that is displayed in each small window is pretty disturbing to messengers. Under certain circumstances, you click by mistake in fact and land on an unwanted page. Pidgin is since completely ad-free and lets you click where you want, without having to open other advertising Windows in. The program gives you the main Messenger protocols to available directly at hand, you have to enter your user data only in protocols like ICQ, MSN, AIM, IRC, Jabber, Yahoo, Gadu-Gadu or Zephyr and then you can get started easily. You're using more than one of these protocols, then you can login even at the same time in these, then automatically adjusts your contact list. Pidgin can be optically fully adapt to your habits and offers many themes, which certainly something for you is to to put the finishing touches to Pidgin alone through the community. You even can set transparent the Messenger, available. The text you've written, you can automatically convert and adapt according to your rules. Even color, font size and background are no obstacle for Pidgin.

Description of the version: Pidgin

Again, many beneficial features and enhancements are included in the current version of Pidgin. The key changes to the MSN Protocol, here fixed a bug for you, which has prevented that you can take friends in your contact list. The AIM Protocol fixed a bug, which has prevented some of your already made friends in the buddy list are displayed. Also fixed an issue caused by the Yahoo a crash log.

Bug fixes and enhancements in Pidgin

Fixed a bug in the MSN Protocol •, which prevented adding friends
• Fixed a bug with the Yahoo Protocol fixed the program crash which left
• Many more bugs have been fixed

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