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Turn your digital photos with Picturenaut in high dynamic range images easily and quickly.



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Picturenaut image editing program allows you to simply and subsequently to create HDR images - from your digital photos and easily and free of charge and without installation.

Picturenaut is a freeware image editing application, with which you can very easy in hindsight convert your digital photos on your PC in your HDR photos. HDR stands for the English term "High dynamic range", what meaning is i.e. how high dynamic range or high contrast range, a "high dynamic range image" to a high contrast image. In contrast, the usual digital photos are just LDR photos, so images with a "low dynamic range". You can now convert conventional photos also with Picturenaut in HDR images. You have to just download the program and not even install. Picturenaut has two tone mapping methods for the conversion of the photos. After you have updated your picture by using the program, you can see at first it you preview before you take over the changes. Then, you can also save them as JPEG and or TIFF format. Your images are thus not merely more diverse, but also much more intense color and thus alive. You are down to the last detail, razor sharp and have a very own charm.

The program opens in a window open and offers you a manageable menu in the formula bar. Under the above points of "File", "Edit" "Image" and "View" - choose usual - your desired features such as from other programs. Quick access there with buttons such as open, save, or zooming.

To create an HDR image in the traditional way, entire image series are recorded with different exposures and then assembled on the computer with special programs. A similar method applies also Picturenaut.

Description of the version: Picturenaut

You can quickly download and use without installing German version 3.0 of Picturenaut at a file size of only 2.3 MB. Convert with just a few clicks in fascinating HDR (high dynamic range) images your digital photos, to get a high contrast range with great effects. This works by using tone mapping methods. The program runs with Windows XP, Vista and 7 and is freeware, of course. Then save your images in JPEG or TIFF format.

What gives you the version 3.0 for your photos?

• Convert to simple low-dynamic range photos (LDR) great high-dynamic range photos (HDR)
So they get a high contrast range • subsequently
• Great, colors, detail and sharp
• Completely free
• No installation
• With just a few clicks

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