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Picture Converter, you can quickly change images in recording and file size.



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Picture Converter

Everyone takes pictures - in everyday and everyone must edit them if he wants to archive it or pass. With the picture converter you have a program here, that this thing makes it much easier.

With the picture converter, you can change the resolution of your images quickly and easily. You need no expensive image editing programs, no special programmes for the hobby photographer - only this one, free, easy-to-use tool. This can be for everyday very, since parties, business meetings and family celebrations shots of fast editing require often promptly to the parties must be distributed. You can also reduce shots with the picture converter in their storage volume; This can be useful if you want to send, for example, pictures with the phone. With just a few clicks, you can significantly reduce the file size.

Another feature of the picture converter is the lack of fact, which you can get to work. You will need to edit individually and manually not every image, rather you can specify a particular destination folder and automatically edit them in the options. Your editing needs can be implemented in this way, without that you don't have to muck around much time. The new resolutions you can either choose to well-known and usual sizes, or but individually set. It also allows to put personal ideas freely.

The picture converter is therefore something like a lightning-fast correction program: you perceive an error in the format of your footage, then set the options on the target folder - and are ready to pass the files. Nothing in the way, as an archive on your computer is the distribution to friends and acquaintances.

Description of the version: Picture Converter

The picture converter allows you to images with which you are not satisfied, in hindsight to change. Here you can set new resolutions - either following types or individually - or but reduce the storage space, take the claim files. You have to edit every image individually, but can go to folder administrative. The version 5.0 Beta 5 offers you a pleasant user interface and a smoother structure. This version is adapted to current operating systems.

Features of the picture converter 5.0 Beta 5

• Changing the resolution of images.
• Changes in file sizes, the storage space, take the pictures.
• Can be worked through all folder contents automatically instead of editing individual images.

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