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Picture ACE 2.5.9 offers the easy storage of images, videos and archives from around the Web.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Picture Ace

Picture ACE 2.5.9, you can first one or select different folder where the images will be automatically saved. The switch of the default folder is easily feasible for each download. With one click, you can save all pictures on a Web page without having to use an extra dialog for each photo. As for the images, you can download videos from different websites. Picture ACE 2.5.9 allows easy searching of the desired file types on your own hard drive. The operation is very simple. Each function in the menu has self-explanatory notes for the user. In addition, picture ACE 2.5.9 contains a tutorial, which you can use to learn the operation of the software very quickly.

In the picture ACE 2.5.9, you can set the names for the images to be downloaded without trouble. This picture ACE 2.5.9 automatically produces a certain key sequence for the name or stores the photos according to other criteria such as the date. In the picture ACE 2.5.9 you can set whether to create a separate folder for each Web site or for any file type. Thus the search easier for certain galleries. It is then really easy to store picture ACE 2.5.9. After the appropriate preferences and the proper folders, you can click in any Web page to any desired image with the left mouse button and they are automatically saved in the selected folder.

You can download the limited trial version of picture ACE 2.5.9 free here with us. The full version can be unlocked for purchase. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The main features of picture ACE 2.5.9:

• Save images with a click.
• Download entire image sequences.
• Select a different folder location.
• Using preset schemes as the store name.
• Search your hard disk for images.
• Loading different file types, including ZIP, EXE, or videos.

The history of picture ACE 2.5.9:

The software picture ACE 2.5.9 was programmed by the same development team. The idea behind the program was to allow simple saving of image series on different Web pages with one click, and thus easier to make. The program is in version 2.5.9 on the cutting edge and was further developed by 2005. The simple saving of images is mature with this version, this picture ACE 2.5.9 needed no further updates.

Description of the version: Picture Ace

The current version of picture ACE can await you with some important innovations, that assist you in the implementation of your ideas. But, this software is not a photo editing program, but a tool that can take down some steps at the storing and sorting of images from the Internet. You can save images that you choose can also according to their resolution, automatically into predefined categories.

The most important innovations of the current software of picture ACE

• Setting of predefined category lists possible
• Sorting of images according to their quality and resolution
• increased usability and improved user interface
• Locations are automatically placed in the correct folder after selection

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