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PicPick provides the right tool for every screenshot and has something else in the program.



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Who often need screenshots and needs while the necessary program for cropping, storing and converting is well served with PicPick in an all-in one solution. There are also some additional features.

Would you explain something an acquaintance or a friend, without having to use cumbersome VNC software, then simple screenshots can help you. Unfortunately, they are always quite awkward somewhere to insert. PicPick take off now that you and supports you in the shooting of screenshots.

It is not only the actual program to create the screenshots for you useful, but also the version of paint. Everyone knows probably the old paint versions, you could hardly use. Only with Windows 7, a pleasant variant was implemented, which has but still very many weaknesses. The PicPick editor based on this version of paint, is it for all systems available and that even without the disturbing weaknesses. Just if you're a Web Designer or just private in a "screw", then the correct colors you often lack or you forgot how the color used is here, too, the little program can help you.

You simply click with the eyedropper tool anywhere on the screen or on the color that you need, and gives you the values of PicPick. You need the size of certain things on your desktop, PicPick brings a pixel-accurate ruler, with which you can measure almost everything. You can measure all possible angle with Protractor from your desktop. You need an angle once and did not a SetSquare to the hand, scan the document and using PicPick. Also a whiteboard with the you just can't paint quick notes on the desktop, the program calls his own.

Description of the version: PicPick

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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