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Picasa is a program that you no longer want to miss as daily help in dealing with photos.



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With Picasa Google offers an all-in one package, to edit your photos, manage and end up on a Web server, known as Picasa Web albums, upload.

Are completely free, the program and 1 gigabyte memory should be sufficient at a common resolution for about 4,000 images. Picasa has various management options with different sorting variants with which image folder as well as albums organize themselves.

The integrated image editing, Picasa allows colors to improve lighting and various photo features or to change easily the possibility. Even the unpleasant red eye can be removed easily with a single click. The original picture files remain there but always untouched, Picasa creates copies instead each to ensure the best possible image quality.

As additional features, Picasa offers the option of geo-tags, to locate the villages shown on the images via Google or to highlight also the photographed persons and to call. Picasa is available for all common Windows operating systems for both Mac and Linux and supports the most current raw formats from modern digital cameras. Should you have to get fancy on a simple and intuitive image editing, then Picasa download just about the appropriate download button.

Picasa in the overview:

• Make clear Web albums and share
• Easy image optimization
• Free use of your images, including 1 GB memory.
• Practical organization of own photos on your own hard drive.
• Simple integration of geo-tabs
• incl. person assignment for your images.

'S Picasa as part of the family's great Google:

The previously paid program Picasa was 2004 bought by Google by company LifeScape, evolving to a freeware software. The program is only a relatively modest part of the nearly immeasurable amount of Google services. It seems as though is Google, a company that has already found inroads into our everyday lives through its search engine, would have made even more to support the life of every individual Internet user than it already does. Google's brand are endless.
The translator maps software to video platforms and Blogdienstelistungen is badminton here. Picasa is so in good company and it will be curious what Google will conjure up next from the hat.

Description of the version: Picasa

For all fans of Picasa, there is now another reason to rejoice: the free and easy to use Fotoediting program can beautify now even more than just pictures! With the current version of the software, you can create even your own, professional slideshow, and even quite easy to arrange your virtual photo albums, and manage. About the new "Properties" Panel, you can see exactly which camera settings you've used for the respective image.

Here again, the coolest features of Picasa:

• Face movie - make your own slideshow with music and everything what belongs to
• Arrange your images with the Satzupload
• Edit your pictures like a pro
• Free download

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