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Physion lets you simulate the world of gravity and learn to understand them.



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You're looking for a fun game, with which you can learn something, too? Then try Physion, the game in which you can let fly penguins. Physion is a game that can convince even parents.

The Physion game simulates the world in two dimensions. But otherwise, everything just like in the real life work here. Create new objects and consider how they steered jumbled by gravity down. They encounter other objects, then the lever forces are active. Build as a rocker and debugger, where you have to put a subject, to raise another. So also the Linux Penguin in the air can be thrown with the right moves. With bridges you downwind on the wall, you can start real reactions. Watch for example how a kugelrunder smiley weaves through one of your mazes.

But physics is more than just gravity. For example with gears to build a correct machine and let them by a steady rain of ball drive. You can have break even the items created by you in pieces with explosives. With the right button, you can add chains and ropes in your experiment. These are movable in itself and can be mounted either at one end or at both on the wall. Physion calculates even the weight of the chains and ropes. You'll see that both move differently. With the text tool, it is also possible to let rain letters. Write for example, the word "Physion" and watch how the word is dropped and the letters involved.

The reaction of the items is so well calculated that you can see complex relationships even on the basis of the simulation. So things don't just fall down, but repel each other and accelerate.

Description of the version: Physion

The game Physion offers a nearly perfect simulation of gravity already in the first version. The findings from research have been incorporated into this program. All mechanical principles in this game were processed by the simple case acceleration to leverage and rejection. You can therefore pass more than friends with this game time. You can learn how machines work and run off chain reactions. Note for example that all items regardless of size fall equally fast.

It offers you the game Physion 1.0

• Simulate physical laws in 2D
• Correctly computed gravitational acceleration
• The laws of levers are realistically calculated
• Action and reaction are always equal
The energy conservation law enforced •

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