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Phun is a funny and yet educational simulation of physical phenomena.



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You think physics isn't fun? Then leave from Phun otherwise convince you. With the tiles to build small buildings or machines and watch what the laws of physics so can do.

The fun in Phun begins to paint you a world in which the buildings are made of many individual stones. With one click, you can now activate the laws of physics. Whether the buildings hold? Certainly not on the first attempt. But maybe that's just the fun. Build impossible constructs and watch how everything collapses. But the learning starts only.

For example a stable system to build and watch what happens when you give a nudge at one point. Or find out how much the ground may wiggle, before collapsing a building. Today skyscrapers are planned with such simulations. Especially in earthquake zones, it is important to simulate the earthquake safety. With Phun, you can work, but incorporated water not only with stones. For example, find out why so many skyscrapers have a swimming pool on the top floor. Or simulate a flood and the Foundation let unterspülen. How high should the water rise before a disaster happens?

If you have enough explored the structure of buildings, you can explore even chain reactions. The leverage effects and the conservation of energy be quickly very useful. How can you run for example water upwards? Can you move a huge stone, by you the gravity one uses much smaller? How does a power transfer with gears? All this you can with Phun playing find out and blast with a big bang in your laboratory in the air at the end of the researchers.

Description of the version: Phun

Phun 5.28 beta is still in the testing phase, but right now it very convincingly to represent the mechanical principles. Because it is still a beta version, the program can be downloaded for free. With each update, the program can reach a more realistic simulation of reality. You can run Phun on Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. The program includes 5.3 megabytes, making it quite slim kept for its functions.

The main features of Phun 5.28 beta

• Possible realistically simulate mechanical connections
• Check the stability of buildings
• Lasse Wasser incorporated in your experiments
• Blow up your lab in the air at the end of

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