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PhotoScape is a free image editing program.



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PhotoScape is the best choice for amateur photographers. The powerful image editing program is free of charge and offers numerous functions to edit your images.

A new filter for colour temperature, can improve the mood of each image. Who would like to move the problem of red-eye in images to body, can retouch within just this by using the editor of PhotoScape. The version 3.5 has brought many changes.

So you can print now directly the edited photo of a print button. For a more in-depth editing of photos, you can use built-in themes icons to faces, travel and Make-Up in the PhotoScape. The new PhotoScape has seen some improvements over the previous version. It now supports the Windows Vista of versions of and Windows 7. The settings for Windows 95, 98 and ME have been significantly improved. Also the operation of the editor and the viewer has been revised.

Click on the button for turns and you can position your photos in different views in PhotoScape. These settings and you can take memory with PhotoScape directly in your personal archive. Also, you can attach the so processed images directly to an email and send to friends. The new program makes it possible.

PhotoScape has received many language features. PhotoScape now available for Arabic, Finnish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Hebrew and Galisisch there. It is been met also the customers, who want to use in these countries PhotoScape.

More functions for PhotoScape:

• Edit pictures made easy.
• With PhotoScape collect your images and archive.
• Avoid the red eye with PhotoScape.
• A free all-rounder in the image editor.
Touch up photos with PhotoScape •.
• Photo Cape as a freeware download.

Features of PhotoScape

PhotoScape has been developed by the well-known predecessor program PhotoScape 3.4. There was emphasis from the manufacturer, PhotoScape, continues to offer a freeware tool for amateur photographers. Despite many new features come to they upheld it. Also, the availability for Microsoft operating systems was expanded and adapted to the current conditions. PhotoScape is not only suitable for Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, but also for the new Windows Vista, and Windows 7. You have an older version of the program, it is possible to install a free update to the latest version without any problems. At the same time has been thought on usability by persons, who do not belong to the geeks. You will find an almost intuitive easy to use interface. This enables an intuitive operation of the programme, without which you must familiarize yourself with an instruction manual. PhotoScape is a free all-rounder for the hobby photographer.

PhotoScape Viewer: Look at photos from your folders. Create a slideshow of your own it.

PhotoScape Editor: Resize, adjust color, adjust brightness and contrast, corrections, mosaic mode, my pictures create Flash, red eye removal, different brush, clone stamp
Animation: create an animated image (GIF) from multiple images
Print: Print your pictures. PhotoScape is suitable also for passport photos.
Color selection: Click in your image and choose the color automatically.
Rename: The batch mode helps you to rename many images.
Face search: find similar faces on the Internet

Description of the version: Photoscape

A filter for color temperature has been added in version 3.6.5.

With the new version of PhotoScape 3.5, you can now even easier and faster to edit your digital images, cropping, and manage. PhotoScape is really easy. The little bug from the old version have been fixed completely. Also many new filters for manipulating your images available to stand in the new version. A special highlight is the integrated GIF Animator with many smart features.

New features and highlights in PhotoScape 3.5:

• New numerous filters for manipulating digital images
• GIF Animator with snazzy features
• Required operating system: Win NT 4.0, win 2000, win XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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