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Post-processing of images with just a few clicks and good results.

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Photomizer Pro

The Photomizer Pro brings liveliness to your images.

If not only you will find your holiday photos dull, at least then it is time for a decent image editing program. It is clear, who rely on Adobe products is certainly better served, must Access but may be even deeper in the Pocket. That's why it's worth, even to look at the program, and if in doubt just the 7 days to try demo.

Tests have shown that Photomizer Pro get even more out of already good pictures also. One advantage of the program is the easy handling. A few clicks suffice to perform optimizations on the images?

The so-called HDR button creates a whole holiday scenario from a single holiday image. One thing is clear: the application may suffice for simple holiday photos. Try out!

Description of the version: Photomizer Pro

There is a demo version, which can be used for 7 days.

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