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Using the free software "PhotoJacker", you can quickly download the photo albums of friends.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 24.05.2011


If you are registered on Facebook and want to make there again new snapshots for your friends on the net, you should lose no time at all and download the PhotoJacker.

No current images, nothing at all today running friends, therefore the freeware "PhotoJacker" will be the right choice for you. Thus you save exactly the time remaining friends for making new contacts over the Internet.

The author of the virus-tested software "PhotoJacker" is Lazyrussian and online you can see the website of the manufacturer of Arthur Sabintsev. The software is an extension for Firefox, available in English and suitable for many operating systems, such as win 2000, win XP, win 2003 server, win 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS. The file of "PhotoJacker" includes 25.2 kByte and the install is fixed and is not a problem. Of course, you should remember to change your language setting on Facebook on the English language, so that everything works well for the browser extension.

You need to unzip the XPI file and move them into an open window from your browser and then simply confirm the installation. And if you now start new session for Firefox, you can get started with this new function "PhotoJacker". Now, namely are you able to download entire photo albums of your friends with just a few clicks of the mouse and have to click no longer frame by frame. Thus you save time and tool stores what you want on your computer. So, are you in a short time via photos on the current state and can respond immediately with your news and screenshots. Online you will find many tips and hints for installation, which explains understandable and clear via photo gallery is.

Description of the version: PhotoJacker

This free, tested virus software is an important extension of Firefox and it currently exists in English. You can get started immediately after installing the freeware ease. For example, you're the complete photo albums of your friends from the Internet able, in less time than usual to download. It is important to remember that just asking around such as your language setting on Facebook in English, so that the extension of your browser also works.

Brief information about the software "PhotoJacker"

• Freeware
• In English
• Author is Arthur Sabintsev
• Extension for Firefox
• Win for many operating systems, such as win XP, win 2000, 2003 server, win 2008 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS

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