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PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1 gives you powerful image processing with intuitive operation.



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PhotoFiltre Studio

Generally images must be today no longer edited, because with a digital camera, you can the same motif as often as record, as it is necessary. It will be difficult but then, if the subject is not static and there is only a chance for the right shot. Then it is good, if you a solution like PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1 did, because thus you can edit your picture. It offers PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1 professional options, which you can use as a beginner through the intuitive use of the program without any problems.

The red eye effect belongs to the standard of any image editing software, and he is of course Studio X with 10.3.1 for PhotoFiltre. But more interesting are the many other functions, you can get partly only in much more expensive programs. So, you can use Studio X 10.3.1 for example multiple layers with PhotoFiltre and thus summarize individual images. The images may overlap with, so that you can establish first-class collages with the software. The filtering capability of PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1 can you change during the individual source images or collage. Just convert a portion of a color specified by you in black and white and let yourself surprise by the effect. Or use PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1, to turn a picture into a negative. The possibilities are almost endless, because the selection of image parts can be about standard shapes such as rectangle or circle, or you're using the Lasso function. So you define the image area with PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1 individually.

In addition to the filters, you can the images with PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1 individual change. This is a Toolbox of various tools available. You can select different brush shapes, set the transparency and image transitions, and delete parts of an image. And about the available language file, you can watch the surface of PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1 also on German set up, so that nothing in the way a successful imaging.

The main features of PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1:

• Image editing software
• simple, intuitive operation
• multiple layer, large number of filters
• German surface about installing a language file
• for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
• Shareware with 30-day testing facility

About PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1 and developers

The software PhotoFiltre Studio X 10.3.1 is no newcomer to the market, as evidenced by the current version number 10. Since version 7, which came on the market in early 2005, again and again, improvements and enhancements have been made by the developers to Antonio Dà Cruz.

Description of the version: PhotoFiltre Studio

The current version of PhotoFiltre Studio can come up with useful new features for editing your image files. You have now, for example, the possibility to make impressive art drawings with an extended range of effect and to draw your image files even in superimposed layers. Automatic image correction and photo masks help optimize your images to improve their quality and to minimize errors due to negative angle of exposure.

The most important innovations in the current version of PhotoFiltre Studio.

• extended range of filter functions
• Batch processing of multiple images at the same time transforms
• Saturation function and gamma correction for all image formats has been extended
• Toolbar with more user friendliness

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