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  • Windows 7.2.10

Photobie is a comprehensive image editing program with a variety of functions.



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  • Updated: 28.02.2011


Previous viewing of online tutorials for working with Photobie is advisable, because the functionality of software is very large. The tutorials are video recordings and very well understand because everything is explained step by step. Before the tutorial, you should download the Photobie and install, so that all may live to track. You can start the download directly from our site by clicking on the corresponding button. The program is very small, so that the download even with a slow Internet Access won't need. The installation completes as quickly, which indicates a smart programming due to the functionality of Photobie.

The main screen is divided into fixed components appears when opening Photobie. The menu with drop-down lists, as well as icons for the direct call to the most common functions is located in the upper area. The tools for the colour scheme, as well as the other image manipulation tools are located on the right side. The main window in which can open one or more images on the left is in the middle of Photobie. See the main window of Photobie all open images as thumbnails are displayed and can be selected from there. To open, you can use the menu or the icon one or more images in Photobie. The picture will then open as a separate window in the main window, and can be moved there or enlarged to full screen.

The possibilities for image editing with Photobie are doing almost unlimited. Predefined effects as well as their own modifications of the tools can be made with each image. Animation with Photobie are no problem and can be implemented easily. Best tutorials for all functions.

Features of Photobie:

• Photo editing software
• Comprehensive functions
• Video tutorials available
• Would
• Shareware
• For Win98/ME/2000/XP

Wallpapers to Photobie

Photobie was developed by Cheng, who wanted to edit the pictures of his newborn daughter. As little gimmick he built with Jukebox the Flash, who plays selected images in a slideshow. The software was so many fans and supporters, that from a larger project with much help from third parties is now, that develop the software together with Cheng. The software is shareware and the team appreciates every donation of enthusiastic users.

Description of the version: Photobie

With the current version of the Windows-based photo editor Photobie developer summarizes all previous features, so that an overall package, it will be. And he adds a great new feature for Windows XP. Because when you're working with Windows XP and the.NET Framework 3.0 install, you can use this version of Photobie of also available under Windows 7 and Vista 3D features.

Features of the current version of Photobie 7.2.1

• Summary of all features and supplements
• Support for 3D effects in Windows 7 and Vista
• Windows XP supports 3D with the .NET Framework 3

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