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With PHOTO POS PRO, you can edit your digital photos and create their own graphics.



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  • Updated: 24.02.2011


With the PHOTO POS PRO, you can import digital photos directly from a hard disk or other removable media, directly from your digital camera or a scanner. The program supports all popular file formats here. PHOTO POS PRO provides many functions for manually changing brightness, contrast, and image color in addition to the automatic correction of the image. Re your snapshots in a perfect light. You can also easily remove image noise and your image retouch the red eye effect even quite simple and straightforward. PHOTO POS PRO provides you many effect templates that you can apply to your images. But just as you can choose from a wide range of filters and tools to edit your images individually. Of course, you can also combine the effects and save, and apply to as many images in the batch processing. Extremely, and edit your pictures according to your wishes.

The PHOTO POS PRO also offers you the possibility, with extensive drawing tool to create your own graphics, and store. You can pull for example framework with the existing graphic templates to your snapshots. In addition, you can create 3D fonts and add your images. With PHOTO POS PRO, you can apply many other special effects to your images and so individually and easily spice up them. The simple and clear interface of PHOTO POS PRO allows you by working in different image planes an uncomplicated and efficient image processing. A comprehensive tutorial gives first aid for the life of your creativity. In the help system, you can find all tools and effects descriptions and useful tips.

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More PHOTO POS PRO features:

• automatic image adjustments
• many templates
• Many filters
• Many effects
• Fixes the red eye
• With tutorial

For more information about the PHOTO POS PRO

PHOTO POS PRO runs on all Windows systems between Windows 98 and XP. It is very suitable also for hobby photographers who want to give their pictures the finishing touches, through its well structured user interface and a comprehensive tutorial and help system. PHOTO POS PRO supports all popular file formats.

Description of the version: PHOTO POS PRO 1.82

With the new version of photo POS Pro you can edit just got easier and faster your digital photos. The new version is a full-featured image editor for your Windows machine and offers you numerous new tools for editing to your photos. There are also new frames and templates for your photos. Now give your pictures, graphics, or photos the finishing touches with the new version.

Overview of new features in photo POS Pro

• Numerous new tools for manipulating photos, pictures, graphics
• New Clone tool (away unwanted objects / details)
• Many new frames and templates

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