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Photo magician can be used for quick editing of image files.



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Photo Magician

Photo magician is a program for processing of all common image files. It adapts the images at the request of the formats specified by hand and resolutions in a very short time and saves them.

With the program photo magician, you can save a lot of time in the adjustment of your photos. Practical batch processing several images in resolution and format be adapted. The operation of the program photo magician is simple and self-explanatory. You are looking out for the photo folder you want, specify a destination folder for the modified images and specify what should be changed. Here you can choose between format and resolution, or both at the same time. "Run" then you click on the button labeled and starts the photo magician to conjure up.

In addition to the time savings the program of but also a few features more friends. So, you can exclude certain images from the selected folder from the revision or completely overwrite existing image files with the new files. So you will save a lot of disk space. Also the use of the fast conversion mode is very easy. Here you enter just the desired resolution change, move a folder into the window and immediately be revised all contained photos. With this option, you save the override and replace you. The program language is English, can be modified but also in German. With its small file size of only 2.0 MB of photo magician occupies little space. Prerequisite to use is the Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system. The program supports the popular image files in BMP, GIF, TIF, JPEG, and PNG also.

Description of the version: Photo Magician

With the current version, you can change the size and resolution of your image files faster than ever. The practical memory function ensures that the processed files in a new folder will be moved. The revised and clear user interface makes editing a breeze. One click and have the program fully executes your commands. Do you want to save new images in a separate folder, you can override the unedited versions directly.

New features of the latest version of photo magician

• Faster of conversion mode to save time
• Overwrite old files directly possible
• Clear user interface
• Brings a high time saving batch processing
• Low file size of the program
• Program language German

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