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The phonostar-player 3.0 is an all-rounder on the subject of Internet radio and podcasts.



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Phonostar Player

The phonostar-player 3.0 offers lots of features, when it comes to listen to radio online. It it very easy for you, to seek radio broadcasts to your taste. To do this, you can save wish lists with different keywords and genres so the phonostar-player 3.0 tags will automatically show items with these friends. The radio magazine and the program guide in addition provide you with all important tips and hints to upcoming broadcasts. Also you can show you from the Favorites list, which channels have fallen friends particularly well and which you last heard. With a simple click on "play", you can start the playback and after listening to evaluate the programme. Or let's just surprise you and use the automatic stream selection. Of course you can also manually search channel with the phonostar-player 3.0 with just a few clicks.

On your wish list in the phonostar-player 3.0 you can not only clearly show you upcoming broadcasts, but also record. The files are then stored as MP3 or WAV on your PC. On the wish list, or also in the program guide you can easily plan the recording of a broadcast via the button "Capture". The show isn't in the phonostar-player 3.0 is included, you can set quite simply time the recording start and end of the recording. So you miss none of your favorite TV shows, there is also the option of regular recording. You can of course also spontaneously live record. "My recordings" can then play and manage the files. You're on podcasts? This is not a problem for the phonostar-player 3.0. You can search podcasts and subscribe to, where new episodes are automatically downloaded. These you can categorize and sort. Do it like the other users and rate and review podcasts, so that you can see at a glance what podcasts go down particularly well.

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More phonostar-player 3.0 features

• More than 6,000 radio stations
• About 1,500 podcasts
• Search your favorite broadcast and save it in your Favorites list
• Cut live radio broadcasts or schedule a recording
• High-visibility program guide
• Review your favorite stations and show to other users what you want to hear

More information about the phonostar-player 3.0

The phonostar-player 3.0 runs on all Windows systems from Windows XP. Everything you need in addition to the software for the perfect radio experience, is an Internet connection and headphones or speakers. You can even save: the PC must be turned on while, but can be put into sleep mode. The phonostar-player 3.0 simply wake up your PC to a scheduled recording and afterwards restored it in sleep mode.

Description of the version: Phonostar Player

The Phonostar-player 3.0 gives you not only the choice of a variety of new radio stations from around the world on the Internet, you can also search for your favorite music and manage the individual station. Through the improved record function can record individual songs or complete radio shows are. In addition, a podcast feature was incorporated with the selected podcasts, subscribe and can be downloaded automatically.

The new features of the Phonostar-player at a glance

• Expansion of the variety of programs by numerous radio stations
• Improved search function
• Ways to manage the station more
• Improved recording for songs and broadcasts
• Special Podcast function to the newsletter

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