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You can make a convenient phone from your computer in just a few steps with phoner.



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With phoner on your computer, you can perform different types of telephony. You will need a headset anyway, and then it can go out. Phoner offers you several options. You can send for example with phoner SMS messages or use the software to set you up an answering machine on the computer. Also, phoner offers you the possibility to record phone calls as a tape machine. Makes you independent of a telephone at your workplace. Conversations and messages can be with this software easily and without additional devices directly via your computer unwind.

Phoner automatically detects all the necessary drivers when you install and use them according to the selected application type. You don't have to make any additional settings in phoner. Phoner helps three different modes to enable a conversation. Voice over IP, short VoIP with SIP protocol integrated the program offers the possibility to make contact to other VoIP remote stations. A functioning Internet connection on both sides is of course a prerequisite. A CAPI driver is required if phoner is supposed to work via an ISDN-card. All ISDN features can be used, and the software works like a normal telephone. TAPI is a generic interface for communication hardware. You can connect phoner also with a telephone system.

When you easily want to phone in the future on your PC, you should download the free program. Phoner is available as freeware for download. All you have to do is to click on the download button. You get step by step the installation instructions displayed on your screen. Within a few minutes, you've done a software phone with your computer.

The functions of phoner:

• SMS messaging
• Answering machine function
• With possibility of cutting of telephone calls
• VoIP with SIP protocol
• Works also via the ISDN card
• All ISDN features available

System requirements and download

Phoner is designed for the Windows operating systems, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The download size of this free software is 3.4 megabytes and takes so much hard disk to complete. All necessary drivers are recognized directly during the installation process, so that further adjustments are unnecessary.

Description of the version: Phoner

With the latest version of phoner you talking conveniently through your PC. Last, some bugs were removed in the program, like the crash when too many peers. Also the integrated SRTP has been corrected. Still, you have all the advantages of the previous versions. On your screen, you can see a call-monitor over TCP. The connection and the ISDN call quality has been optimized by using small audio rates and a new codec.

The most important innovations at phoner 2.53 version

• Fixed crash when too many peers
• Integrated SRTP corrected
• Consider the call monitor over TCP
• Improved ISDN connection with new codec

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