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Phoenix backup is an easy-to-use and flexible solution for securing data.



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Phoenix Backup

Basic principle of the functionality of Phoenix the simple user guidance and the logical structure of the backup jobs are backup. Phoenix backup offers you for templates that you can use to create your own orders. While each backup job works according to the same basic pattern, namely what should be backed up when and how where. These four questions are for each job to answer, and already you can start backup with the backup by Phoenix. Here, you can choose several targets for the same backup to again increase the security as a result.

Backup, you can define so-called exclusion lists for every backup job with Phoenix. These contain folders or files not backed up need to be that. Before performing a backup you can even show you the selected or excluded files and, if necessary, change the backup job. By keyboard shortcuts, each backup job with Phoenix is backup executable at any time. The automatic backups, are the other alternative time or be carried out action-driven. This can happen, for example, when you shut down your system, so that you have always a current backup. This always the oldest archives of your backups by Phoenix overwritten on a rotational basis backup.

You can centrally manage all backup jobs beneath a surface no matter where the target archive of the backup with Phoenix backup also is. And you once forgot, perform a manual backup, so Phoenix remember backup also. During recovery, you can then select only the required files from the archives so that the recovery can quickly go beyond the stage. Especially, then also no not yet saved data is overwritten, you created since the last backup. Still, you can do with the software an automatic synchronization of databases on different systems do, so for example on your PC and your laptop. So, you're everywhere always same data available. Test Phoenix backup yourself just once and you download the test version directly from our site using the download function.

Features of Phoenix backup:

• Backup software
• ease of use
• Synchronization of different data sets
• works automatically in the background
• Trial version 14 days trial period
• for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Background information on Phoenix backup

Phoenix backup is an offer of the Berlin based company Sydatec. The company offers more programs around the system and data security of Windows in addition to the backup solution. All programs can be tried in a trial version and then purchased.

Description of the version: Phoenix Backup

The current version of Phoenix backup offers some useful innovations. You have now the possibility to define the data volume and the order number itself. The management of backups can be defined in their own or predefined categories. A comprehensive system log with filter and search function supports you in monitoring your Trafficvolumens and the performance of your network system. An accelerated and clustered storage is now already integrated.

The most important innovations in the current version of Phoenix backup

• Centralized management for all backup media
• Backup report with information about the backup time of a file
• Sensors for detecting required updates archive
• Multiple backup destinations per backup job
• Integrated index of compressed file types for faster archiving

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