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The HTML editor phase 5 lets you create and edit your own Web site.



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Phase 5 HTML Editor

The HTML editor phase 5 is free of charge for private users and schools. But also as a commercial user you must not renounce the benefits of HTML editor phase 5. You can purchase the program and then use it fully as the free version of the HTML editor phase 5. First have the HTML editor phase 5 are downloaded and stored on your computer. Before you can get started, your project requires a name and a folder. The folder is required to store all the necessary files. The name can be the title of your new homepage, or other, arbitrarily selected project label. The HTML editor phase 5 allows the management of multiple projects. So, you can either create your own Web sites or with take over from friends.

The HTML editor phase 5 helps you to create your Web site with home bases and all related graphics and images. It is advisable to start with the home page. You can create a blank page, by either clicking on the blank sheet or go to file and select "Open new HTML document". The HTML editor phase 5 takes you step by step through the creation of your home. Of course you should save, when you're done with a page, this, before you get started with a new. Like the home page, you can create all other bases and fill them with text, images and tables. Also enables to insert HTML editor phase 5 specific sections of HTML can you, that they are on each sub-page. This function is very convenient to make always show a specific logo. Have you created all your bases, you must load them only to your webspace and you're ready to go.

In the Internet you can find lots of information which codes you can paste HTML editor phase 5 in the. Also, there are many tutorials that help you deal with the HTML editor phase 5, if you are having difficulties once.

The features of the HTML editor phase 5 at a glance

• For home and schools free of charge
• Creating websites
• Suitable for beginners and professionals
• Insert tables and charts
• Extensive design options
• Many tutorials available

History and development

The HTML editor phase 5 was launched by Ulli Meybohm in life. Since 1998, the program is developed by the company Gregor Schommer Systemberatung. The present author is known also for its other programs aimed at helping you with your work at the computer.

Description of the version: Phase 5 HTML Editor

The new phase 5 HTML editor version 5.6 provides you many new features and capabilities of the classic Editor. You can edit multiple documents at the same time, project wide replace text modules and configure menus personally. In addition to the improvement of surface design, the bugs of the previous versions have been removed. Version 5.6 also error-free run on the new Windows 7, this also applies to the 64-bit version of the operating system.

The most important innovations of the phase 5 HTML editor in version 5.6

• Runs on the 64 or 32-bit version of Windows 7
• New features and improved interface design
• Removed errors and bugs of previous versions

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