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The personal desktop is useful to alter your working with Windows and make it easier. Free download!



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Personal Desktop

After installation you will be welcomed by staff desktop with a noble-looking, matte black screen. The upper third of the screen takes up a slideshow, which by default displays images of fish. These you can according to your needs but of course configure and display your own images for personal desktop.

The lower two-thirds of the screen is vertically divided. On the left side of the personal desktop screen you can find all desktop icons, and the right side provides space for notes and displays a calendar.

This tool area on the right side of the screen offers place for a whole lot of more useful applications that are installed and invoked the so-called widgets from personal desktop. In addition to the calendar, you can display the current weather in this area and manage his appointments. On request, staff desktop every hour can announce the time or directly launch the MP3 player. With the current version 3 a variety of new widgets to your personal desktop have been added here, that make the work even easier and more comfortable.

In addition to the tool area is the navigation bar with the most important feature of personal desktop. This bar, which is located on the slideshow, is freely configurable and allows you quick and direct access to the most important functions and programs. No matter whether the workplace or its own files, the email program or your Favorites, Explorer or control panel, with the personal desktop you're directly in access. In addition, with the program, you can still 2 integrate RSS feeds directly into your new desktop. This you can obtain from the website of the provider or incorporate every other RSS feed. You download the personal desktop just in the trial version directly from our site using the download function and try it once. You'll want to probably don't even miss him then.

Features of the personal desktop:

• Windows desktop program
• freely configurable navigation bar
• Enhancement by widgets in the tool area
• Integration of possible RSS feeds
• Trial version (shareware)
• for Windows XP and Windows Vista

Staff desktop backgrounds

The Windows desktop application personal desktop is an offer of the company Sydatec from Berlin. The program is available in now 3 versions for different target groups and offers different and customized features. In addition to the functional Windows desktop, the company offers other solutions in the field of protection and security for Windows systems.

Description of the version: Personal Desktop

• Innovative desktop interface with advanced functionality
• Freely configurable navigation bar for programs and system folders
• Search bar for files, Widgetdaten, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube
• Freely configurable dock bar for programs and system folders
• In the navigation bar integrated Internet Favorites menu
• Date display with indication of the day of the week
• Slideshow area for multimedia functionality
• Transparency in Windows Vista and Windows 7 gradually selectable
• Reminder for calendar and tasks
• Advanced file search
• Email POP3 (business & Premium-Edition only)
• Freely configurable banner bar (Premium Edition only)
• Managing desktop themes (Premium Edition only)
• Kiosk mode with password protection (Premium Edition only)

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