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Pencil offers a free animation program for 2D movies for Windows, Mac and Linux.



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Pencil is relatively simplistic in its structure so that you can lose the overview does not. This ensures that you will have no problems with the handling of is. Still has a lot to offer. The tools help pencil, such as, for example, the brush, the pencil or the eraser, initially, to create drawings with a connected tablet. The time area, which is located in the center of the screen, its size is unlimited.

When you draw, you have a choice between bitmap - or vector graphics. A color palette gives you the possibility of colouring, and you can make fine adjustments to the colors. Also, you can customize the color palette in your movie project and select friends only the colors you need. This range adapted to the project is stored together with the film in pencil. In the options you then specify the visibility and size of your created figures. In addition, the pencil surface provides even a timeline, so that you can arrange the images in the correct order, and keep track of the length of your movie. The timelines for bitmap and vector graphics are separated. For the animation, you can use different levels of camera, like for example the onion, where the previous image is semi-transparent to see. In addition, you can set keyframes. You can add music in the form of WAV files to the scoring of the film. Finally, you have the ability to save your finished movie as 2D-Flash-Datei in SWF format with pencil.

So that you really get along with pencil, you will find a small manual that instructs you in the operation of the program on the homepage of pencil. Pencil is available now for Windows as well as Mac and Linux. Now free download pencil and bring your ideas into homegrown movies to life!

Pencil offers you:

• Bitmap and vector graphics
• Unlimited Artboard
• Different levels of camera
• Create individual color palette and save
• Add music to the background
• For Windows, Mac and Linux

The emergence of pencil

The program started small as a pencil-test version of Patrick Corrieri. Pascal Naidon liked the idea so much that he has adopted the concept and expanded. He has fulfilled his childhood dream and created a simple UBB-like program, with which you can produce even classic animated films.

Description of the version: Pencil

Create your own cartoons and animations in even better quality with the improved version of pencil now. The software is now with even more great tools, which make your animations appear more professional. You can then save the result in different formats. New bitmaps and vector graphics provide more overview and accuracy – so your own animated movies are even better.

The latest version of pencil at a glance

• A wider range of tools ensures better animations
• Bitmaps and vector graphics provide better and more accurate editing of the animations
• Save the movies in different formats

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