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Pegasus Mail is a mail client that simplifies the read, send and organize e-mail.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail is an email program that helps you write, read, and organize their emails. It also offers protection against unwanted messages and can send encrypted emails.

The E-Mail client Pegasus Mail by David Harris inventor behind other mail programs in nothing. The free software is available in German and English. The clear menu structure and-benennung facilitates the daily handling of many emails. The mail client supports both UNIX mailboxes and mailing lists.

Read, send and organize individual emails is easy thanks to the three window view. You can systematically sort your mails in folder which will be displayed in the left pane. Another window shows you the contents of the selected folder so that you can see all messages at a glance. Here can the mail by sender, subject, date or time will be sorted. The third window offers you a preview of the current mail that you want to read. As with other mail programs, you can create as many folders in Pegasus Mail, rename or delete. Your mails you can with just a few clicks reply, forward and delete or move drag-and drop to a folder. In addition, many actions by keyboard shortcut can be controlled.

If you put value on security, you can send encrypted with Pegasus Mail emails with SSL and receive. The Pegasus Mail content filter protects you from spam mails. They do not land in your Inbox, but are already sorted out. Pegasus Mail is well protected against phishing emails. Individual signatures are possible with this mail client as well. The emails can be personalized with up to seven different signatures. You can download Pegaus mail safely and quickly with us.

Description of the version: Pegasus Mail

The current version of Pegasus Mail supports now the Windows 7 operating system. With new graphics, the program is effective visually more appealing, and the user interface is easier to read. With the new HTML renderers displaying HTML messages is no longer a problem, and at the request of many users also the sizes appear now when mail designs and messages in the queue. In addition a number of bugs fixed in the new version, which facilitate working with the mail client.

New features of the latest version of Pegasus Mail

• Supports Windows 7
• New graphics and a clearly structured user interface
• Error-free display of HTML-mails through new HTML renderers
• Size display of designs
• Many bug fixes

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